Our Team!


Chris & Christie Wimberly

Chris Wimberly is the Senior Pastor at Selah Hills Church and functions as the main teaching pastor and provides overall church leadership. Chris' wife, Christie, oversees the women's ministry and helps to assist in many other areas of the church including children's ministry. Chris & Christie have two awesome little kiddos that love Jesus and love being at church!

Zach & EMMA Ruiz

Zach Ruiz is on staff as an Associate Pastor at Selah Hills Church and oversees our worship ministry. Pastor Zach also helps provide vision and leadership in our discipleship, social media, and visual arts department.  Zach's wife Emma and their two amazing boys are a huge blessing to our church.  We are thankful God sent them here.

Daniel & Alexa Edwards

Daniel Edwards is on staff as our Youth Director here at Selah Hills Church. Daniel and his wife Alexa were recently married in 2021 and their first act as a married couple was to take a step of faith and move to Texas to help in ministry at our church. Together, Daniel and Alexa are doing a fantastic job leading the youth ministry.

Daniel & Janel Visser

Daniel Visser is one of our elders here at Selah Hills Church and is on the Board of Directors. Daniel's wife Janel is on staff as our Administrative Ninja!  Daniel and Janel help in numerous areas and are a massive blessing to our congregation. They have three young girls that all love Jesus and serve at the church regularly.

Matt & Mariah Lacek

Matt Lacek is one of our elders here at Selah Hills Church and is on the Board of Directors. Matt oversees our men's ministry and his wife Mariah is very involved in our children's ministry. We are very thankful the Lord sent them here to bless our congregation. Matt and Mariah have three sons and one daughter that love Jesus.
***We also have two "remote" elders at Selah Hills Church: Kevin Utile is the senior pastor of Reach Church in Broomfield, Colorado; Christian Slye is an associate pastor at The Garden Fellowship in Indio, California. Both of these faithful men serve on our board of directors.