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Fellowship is an essential part of the christian life. Scripture says that we are to "not neglect meeting together", that we sharpen each other as "Iron sharpens iron", and that wisdom is found "among a multitude". God has designed people to gather together for their mutual benefit. When we are in fellowship we experience accountability, prayer, bible study, and acts of service towards one another. Fellowship is one of the central ways that God works in the lives of the believer, sanctifying them throughout their walk.

At Selah Hills, we value the gathering of believers and believe it to be a core part of our Christian walk. That is why it is the core of our church! We encourage everyone who calls Selah Hills their church home to place themselves in a group with like minded believers and to grow with others outside of Sunday mornings.

If you'd like to sign up for a group, click the button below to find one that is near you and request to join! If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Pastor Tim using the form on this page.

Pastor Tim Bentley

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